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About Us

Casa Pacifica meets kids and families at the most challenging times of their lives and help them overcome some of life’s most difficult circumstances – abuse and neglect, complex emotional and behavioral issues and family crises. We restore hope, help children find joy in daily living, and improve families’ chances at making a better life for themselves and at finding a place in their community where they can be successful. Headquartered on a rural 24-acre campus five miles from the Pacific Ocean, Casa Pacifica serves abused and neglected children and adolescents, and those with severe emotional, social, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Our primary service area is California’s Central Coast, but referrals come from all over.

Archie has a really important job at Casa Pacifica. He is in charge of helping the kids feel better. Sometimes, they have a bad day because their other families haven't been very nice to them. A lot of the kids talk to Archie about it because he is a very good listener and never interrupts, except to lick their faces sometimes. They love that and it makes them laugh. Mostly, the kids just like having Archie around. They say it makes them happy. They know that he is their dog and loves them very much, no matter what they do.

Archie The Therapy Dog © 2018.

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